Complex Property Claims: We Can Help

The successful pursuit of a property claim relies on the skill and experience of the public adjuster. Claims must be performed in a timely, thorough and accurate manner to ensure you receive the rightful value of your damaged property for replacement or repairs.

Barka will take care of your complex property claim for you! While Bart’s busy using his decades of contracting experience to oversee your project, Kasia is an experienced and  licensed claim adjuster in the State of Illinois, and can take care of any and all your property claim needs.

Feel free to contact us today with questions or to learn more. We’re happy to help!

Dispute Resolutions: When the Going Gets Tough, We Get Tougher

While you pay insurance premiums as a safety net, understanding your insurance company will have your back in the case of unexpected damage to your home, disputes often occur as to how much or whether a claim should be paid.

If your insurer is denying or delaying payment, or is demonstrating other poor practices, our licensed and experienced public adjuster, Kasia Debowski, may be able to help. Take the frustrating and time-consuming work off of your hands, and let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll be happy to contact them on your behalf and pursue the reimbursement you deserve.

Property Damage Estimates: We’re On Your Side

Your insurance company is motivated to save themselves money and, for this reason, their adjuster can be biased in their favor.

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional that represents the policyholders that hire them. To this end, our public adjuster can provide a fair property damage estimate in the face of a dispute with an insurance company. We can be onsite during your home inspection to advocate for you to the insurance adjuster with our own assessment of the damage.

To learn more about this option, please feel free to contact us with questions.

Expert Witness: We’ll Be There for You

Skilled at turning opinions around quickly, Kasia Debowski has been qualified by the courts as a testifying expert due to her expertise as a licensed public adjuster. Should your property insurance issues escalate into mediation or court case to obtain your claim, Kasia can be there to help!